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The video below is a snippet of a report that was shown on Fox news in the US. From watching it you can see that mobile phone spying is a reality and just how easy it is to spy on someones mobile phone:

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While I started this blog to warn people about mobile phone spying software it has evolved a little with the questions that people have been asking me and the comments that I have seen left on some of my posts, I feel like it is now a place to supply information about mobile phone spying as much as anything. One interesting thing I have noticed is that people who come to this site are often searching for “UK mobile phone spying software” or some other term but they tag UK onto the country as it seems like they think that a UK specific version of the software is needed, however, this is not the case.

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how to hack someones cell phone 150x150 The phone hacking stories in the news

As this blog is concerned with mobile phone spying and the software (or apps) used to carry out that spying it seemed logical to address the stories in the news at the moment about “phone hacking”.
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Many people who are interested in mobile phone spying software are worried that they will not be able to install the software quickly enough or that they will get caught when running the install. You have no idea how quick and easy it is to install this type of software.
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If you have spent any time at all reading this blog you will realise how easy it is to spy on someone through their mobile. You do not need to be a skilled computer hacker nor even have more than a basic understanding of how a mobile phone works, you just need a disregard for the law!
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In a word no, a virus could not get onto your phone and track your calls, sms and location, because thats not really what a virus does. I am been pernickety here, there is phone spyware that could do this, it would need to be quite advanced and therefore probably expensive (although the cost of such things is coming down all the time) but that would not be a “virus”.

The whole “virus” thing has been played out a little and while its possible that words in the English language do evolve it seems a “virus” has now been used to cover anything that might be seen as a “bad program”, worms, trojans and spyware are all branded as viruses by people who are not educated in such subjects.
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If you want, or even need, to spy on someones text messages this is a fairly easy task in the modern smartphone era.

Most smartphone OS have specific spyware written for the, however, you do not need to worry about the OS used by the phone you want to spy on when buying any mobile phone spying software as the different programs are all designed to work on different OS, for example if you know you installing the spy software on an iPhone you would not need to worry about it been OS 2.x, 3.x, 4.x or anything else, just download the iPhone version of the spyware.

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Traditionally the following groups of people are the ones with the most interested in the use of mobile phone monitoring software:

  • Parents,
  • Employeers,
  • People who want to keep an eye on their spouse.

However, there is one other group of people who might like to have a look at mobile phone spying software, friends!

While there are legal implications and you should take legal advice before doing almost anything these days and we are not condoning this type of behaviour imaging how much fun you could have?

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telephone tapping Traditional phone wiretapping   the olden days of phone spying

Traditional phone tapping is also known as wiretapping and is a way in which a third party might monitor calls that are made to or from a specific number. The technology originally used to carry out a wiretap is now quite dated and it would be unusual to see such spying tactics in use today as there are much more covert options available.

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Hello - I am Sara,

I have put this blog together, it's nothing too grownbreaking or specal but it does give you some information on mobile phone spying.

I had quite a messy divorce just over a year ago and suffered quite badly as my mobile phone was tapped by my (now ex) partner, by the time I found this out it was too late.

Hopefully some of the information here is of use to you, if you have any questions or want to leave me a comment, please do!