Usually, when someone decides that they want to spy on someone’s mobile phone activities for whatever reason the first thing that comes to mind is that they would like to be able to spy on SMS messages that are sent and received, this is amazingly easy to set up.

The nature, perhaps by design, of text messages is that they are discrete and can be sent quickly to anyone with a handset. This means that, should someone be involving themselves in something that you would like to know about, and be communicating via text you have very little chance of find out what’s going on.

Mobile Phone With Security Monitor Software Spy on SMS messages

Text messages eliminate any chance of you overhearing a conversation, they are so discrete that someone could be sat next to you on the sofa and having a secret dialogue with someone on the other side of the world.

It is very hard to enquire of someone who they are texting or what they are texting about and avoid a confrontational situation, this is especially the case if they are in dialogue about something that they would rather you knew nothing about, if this is the case what are the chances of getting truth out of them.

Spying on text messages is made increasingly difficult by the fact that they can be deleted in a second and some smart phones such as the Iphone and Blackberry even have apps designed specifically to hide text messages that are sent from a specific number unless you know a combination of keys and numbers to tap in order to reveal them.

The only real practical solution if you want to spy on text messages is to use specially designed software which will enable you to do so very discretely.

While, at this stage, you might have your heart set on spying on someone’s text messages you should know, at this stage, that standard mobile phone spying software offers you many more features and this is just one which comes as standard, with most software you can:

  • Spy on sms messages send and received,
  • Monitor both calls made and received,
  • View the media on the phone, this means you are able to look at photos, videos, music and any other forms of media that might be stored on the handset.

There are also more advanced features in more premium software:

  • The phone can be set to alert you when a call is made or received – you then have the option of listening in online or with your own handset as the call takes place. As a backup option the call is recorded and uploaded to your online space,
  • You are able to track the locations of the phone,
  • You can use the location tracking to tell where videos and photos were taken,
  • All of the information is uploaded to an online admin panel where is is all saved for you.

As you can see, sneaking round trying to catch a glimpse of a handset or having a look through it while the other party is in the toilet is really not the way to go, its 2011 and we are much more sophisticated than that, software is available that will allow you to monitor a phone in every capacity without even going near it.

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