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telephone tapping Traditional phone wiretapping   the olden days of phone spying

Traditional phone tapping is also known as wiretapping and is a way in which a third party might monitor calls that are made to or from a specific number. The technology originally used to carry out a wiretap is now quite dated and it would be unusual to see such spying tactics in use today as there are much more covert options available.

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Hello - I am Sara,

I have put this blog together, it's nothing too grownbreaking or specal but it does give you some information on mobile phone spying.

I had quite a messy divorce just over a year ago and suffered quite badly as my mobile phone was tapped by my (now ex) partner, by the time I found this out it was too late.

Hopefully some of the information here is of use to you, if you have any questions or want to leave me a comment, please do!