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As far as a computer goes, when people are searching the Internet for information on spyware, generally, they are looking for a way to detect or remove the spyware. With mobile phones its more often that people who are searching for information on spyware are the ones who are wanting to spy on texts or find the best piece of mobile phone spy software for the covert operation they are thinking of taking on!

Spy phone software is still a bit of a mystery to many so hopefully the following few paragraphs will help to clear up some of the truths and myths around it.

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Hello - I am Sara,

I have put this blog together, it's nothing too grownbreaking or specal but it does give you some information on mobile phone spying.

I had quite a messy divorce just over a year ago and suffered quite badly as my mobile phone was tapped by my (now ex) partner, by the time I found this out it was too late.

Hopefully some of the information here is of use to you, if you have any questions or want to leave me a comment, please do!