While I started this blog to warn people about mobile phone spying software it has evolved a little with the questions that people have been asking me and the comments that I have seen left on some of my posts, I feel like it is now a place to supply information about mobile phone spying as much as anything. One interesting thing I have noticed is that people who come to this site are often searching for “UK mobile phone spying software” or some other term but they tag UK onto the country as it seems like they think that a UK specific version of the software is needed, however, this is not the case.

Scarily, as with many other aspects of mobile phone spying software or apps, which ever you prefer to call them, there is no need to look at specific country focused options, UK or otherwise. To understand why this is the case you need a little understanding of how the app works.

Most mobile phone spy software only works on Internet enabled phones, this basically means that you need to have a smartphone.

Once the spy app is installed and you have told it what you want to monitor on that particular handset (texts, calls, photos etc) it uploads copies of these messages/recordings of the calls/copies of the media to an online space that you can log into from a computer.

Now you understand the above you will realise that the only thing you need to do is make sure that the version of the software you are installing works on the specific handset you are installing to, there is no need to worry about which country you are in.

UK sold phone spyware will work in the US or anywhere else in the world, this means you dont need to be put off if you see a price in dollars and are in the UK, this could actually work out better for you if you take into account the exchange rate at the time of writing you might make a saving!
The truly scary thing here is, given what you have just read, you will realise that if someone is actually travelling round the world the spying software will keep working at the same time. As long as they are in an area that has mobile internet or even a wireless network that can be connected to the spying can continue. If they are unable to connect to the Internet (as they are in an area where it is not available) the software will realise this and simply store the details it needs to upload until they are once again in an area with access.

At this stage you might be thinking you are safe because you turn the mobile network access off on your handset, obviously you are underestimating how powerful this type of software is. It will not only turn your access back on but it will do so in the background while making it appear as though it is turned off still. Once installed you are really not going to know its there.
The only give away, and this might not work for everyone, is that you will see how much data you are using on your monthly bill. People who have unlimited data will not likely pick up on this but if you notice all of your data is been used then there is a chance that this is what is causing it. There is an option with some spy software to only allow uploads when wifi can be used, this is another layer of protection that the person doing the spying might employ if they know the data options on the plan of the handset on which they are spying.

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Hello - I am Sara,

I have put this blog together, it's nothing too grownbreaking or specal but it does give you some information on mobile phone spying.

I had quite a messy divorce just over a year ago and suffered quite badly as my mobile phone was tapped by my (now ex) partner, by the time I found this out it was too late.

Hopefully some of the information here is of use to you, if you have any questions or want to leave me a comment, please do!