Whatever your reason for wanting to spy on a mobile phone be it a phone belonging to your child, a suspected cheating spouse or an employee you want to monitor there will be an application that will allow you to easily take care of this need.

While SMS monitoring seems to be the initial start point for most people who stumble into the world of mobile phone monitoring for whatever reason, there are so many more powerful options available to them that they soon become aware of. Simply spying on SMS messsages is a little bit of a cop out by today’s standards

To monitor someone’s text messages, practically, you will need to install some kind of software on their phone. This is easily done but if you are going to the effort of installing something that can track text messages why wait the extra few seconds installation time and in those few extra seconds you will be granted a whole world of additional functionality you didn’t know existed!

Mobile phone spy software has come a long way and can actually give you access to the entire phones data, absolutely everything from pictures take (often stamped with the exact location) the calls made and the messages sent.

For this reason you are usually better off going with a general spy program, the only thing you will need to check is that the handset in question is compatible with the software in use, however, generally this is not a problem as most software providers take meticulous care to ensure that their apps work on as many handsets as possible in the interests of maximizing their sales.

A general spying program will not restrict the tracking to just text messages, the majority of these programs will allow you to carry out the spying in real time so you are able to fire up the client (your part of the software) and within a few seconds you will know where the handset is. Imagine the power of having this type of software installed on several handsets and therefore been able to identify when the users of those handsets were in the same or different places together.

As handsets evolve and more features are added so does the spyware that can be used with them, for example a recent addition to most pieces of mobile phone spying software is that they are able to track emails sent as email is now a popular feature of most handsets, this looks set to continue and the spyware will be developed alongside the handset to make it as powerful as possible.

At this stage you might be wondering how safe it is to spy on some else’s mobile phone. By “safe” you are probably wondering how likely you are to get caught.

These types of software are designed to run in the background and remain out of site to the user of the handset. If you were an expert and knew your handset inside out you would not be able to tell the phone was been monitored. At absolute best you might notice that some memory intense operations, when run together, take slightly longer than normal but that it!

The most likely time you are to get “caught” is when you are installing the software and need to have the target phone wired up to your PC for a few minutes and even if you were caught at this stage could you not be simply copying the photos off than handset to back them up not setting up a spying operation?!

Iphone users will need to jailbreak their phone before been able to install mobile phone spyware!

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  • Sire says:

    What mind boggling stuff. I did’t know this stuff existed. I’ve no need for this software at the monument but you never know when things will change. Thanks for enlightening me.

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